Joe Strummer
21.8.1952  -  22.12.2002
Joe Strummer, Frontmann der Clash, Punkrockheld der ersten Stunde, er ist am Sonntag, 22.12.02 in seinem Haus verstorben.
Nach dem Zerfall der Clash hatte er kurzzeitig bei den Pogues Shane McGowan ersetzt, zuletzt spielte er mit seiner neuen Band, den Mescaleros.
Joe, du bist unersetzlich.

Hier die offizielle Pressemitteilung vom 23.10.02:
Joe Strummer: a statement Joe Strummer, founder and lead singer of one of England's greatest rock bands, The Clash, died peacefully at his home in Somerset yesterday, Sunday 22nd December 2002. He was 50 years old. Strummer, together with Mick Jones (guitar), Paul Simonon (bass) and Terry Chimes (drums), formed The Clash in 1976, releasing their first records the following year. The Clash quickly established themselves as one of the seminal bands in the UK punk explosion, combining raw political passion with a vitriolic energy. The Clash's power and influence stretched far beyond the confines of the punk years, outlasting all their contemporaries to provide an extraordinary legacy of unique and committed music. The band made five albums - The Clash (1977); Give 'Em Enough Rope (1978); London Calling (1979); Sandinista! (1980) and Combat Rock (1982) - with Topper Headon replacing Chimes on drums after the debut LP. The Clash also had 16 Top 40 hit singles in the UK.

The Clash finally disbanded in 1985, with Strummer embarking on a solo career that included the soundtrack to director Alex Cox's movie, Walker, in 1988. Strummer also acted in Mystery Train, the 1989 film by American director Jim Jarmusch.

Strummer then briefly became the lead singer of The Pogues after Shane MacGowan departed from the band in September 1991. He remained with the band until June the following year.

Strummer returned to the limelight with his new band, the Mescaleros, three years ago. The Mescaleros, whose music vividly encompassed Strummer's fascination with global genres, released Rock Art & The X-Ray Style in October 1999. It was followed by a second Mescaleros album, Global A Go-Go, released on the Hellcat label in June 2001.

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros toured the UK in November this year. Strummer also played a benefit show for the firefighters'union on 15th November. The show, at London's Acton Town Hall, reunited Strummer with guitarist Mick Jones - the first time the two had appeared together since the demise of The Clash nearly two decades ago. Joe was currently working on a track - co-written with Bono and Dave Stewart - for Nelson Mandela's AIDS Awareness in Africa.

Joe is survived by his wife, two daughters and one stepdaughter. They request privacy at this harrowing time.


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